Steam Days

Every year the steam driven pumping station Hertog Reijnout organizes various attractive events that are worth to visit.

On steam days Hertog Reinout is fully operational, "under steam" so to speak. Coffee, tea, lemonade and cake is available and can be purchased at the visitor centre.

Steam days 2019

April 22Eastern
May 11Pumping dag / Bike day
May30Ascension Day
June 29Summer steam day
July13Holiday steam day
August 10Mini steam day!
August 24Holiday steam day
September14National Monument day and old crafts fair
October 12Autumn steam day

On steam days our steam driven pumping station is open to visit from 11.00 to 16.00 hour.

Entrance fees
Adults€ 3,50
Children to the age of 14 year€ 1,75